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Alice's Artist Statement

CLAY... I love its smell, its plasticity and ability to respond directly to the influence of hands and tools. The immediacy and expressive quality of clay fosters the free and easy realization of my ideas into form. My creative process is an intuitive form-based unfolding that is autobiographical in nature. The relationship of emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences in my life is reflected in themes that are based upon an acknowledgement and expression of many universal human conditions common in life's journey.

There are several types of sculptural form that resonate with my form-based concepts. One characteristic form is nonobjective biomorphic form that contain bulbous protrusions surrounded by deep recessed areas. Another is more simplified hard-edged shapes containing intersecting multi-planar shapes. Many sculptures contain both biomorphic form and hard-edged planes with deep recesses. The technique and type of form expressed is driven by the nature of the of the intended concept. My sculptures are freely expressed both with deep relief and three-dimensional form. The viewer is free to experience my sculptural forms, always having the freedom to have their unique individualized interpretation, contemplation, or to simply enjoy the essence of the organic presence of each piece. It is my hope that each piece will beg to be touched and explored as they convey a sense of peace and tranquility to the viewer, resulting in a uniquely personal experience for each person.

Alice's Bio

Alice M. Yutzy, born on October 7, 1948 in Baltimore, MD spent her formative years living in Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. From an early age Alice had an avid interest in art with drawing as one of her favorite pastimes. Graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.A. in art education. Alice taught art in the public school system for 39 years. The last 24 of those years Alice was very fortunate to teach what she loved: ceramics and sculpture at the high school level. Alice earned her MFA in studio art with a concentration in ceramics at Towson University in 2007. Alice lives with her husband Dee on 6 ½ wooded acres in rural southern Maryland. Their grown children, Brianna and Woody, have both chosen careers in education. An avid nature and animal lover, Alice enjoys her two cats and riding her horses. Although her primary chosen media is clay, she has also worked in plaster, wood, stone, mixed media, cast cement and lightweight concrete. Currently Alice works as a part time professor at the College of Southern Maryland teaching introductory ceramics and ceramic sculpture. Alice continues to evolve, allowing her artwork to be an expression of her inner self.



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